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Progressive Packaging Group has packaging solutions that will meet the needs of your industry. Choose from the items below.

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Corrugated Packaging is a clean, safe and cost effective choice for packing produce while providing an opportunity for our customers to market their brand.  We work closely with our sourcing partners to ensure quality material is delivered on-time and to specification.



Progressive Packaging Group can provide a variety of flexible packaging options including bags, film, liners, labels and rigid containers. With each commodity having its own unique characteristics, it is important that we work with the best qualified suppliers that can provide reliable and cost-effective packaging, customized to meet your needs.


Ties and Bands play an essential role in packaging and transporting produce to market. They are often used for bunching, wrapping and labeling produce. Bib ties, twist ties, elastic tags and rubber bands can be custom printed to meet your needs. Full color labels and ties provide information to the consumer on what they are purchasing and can be barcoded for traceability.